Impact Entry Doors

With our high-impact entry doors, you don't have to choose between safety and style.

Enjoy the personalized feel of unique glass and finish options, without losing peace of mind. With numerous configurations, all of which are both versatile and durable, you can have the best of both worlds with our selection of high-impact entry doors.

  • Made in USA
    Made in USA
  • Protects your home through severe weather
    Protects your home through severe weather
  • Multiple design options provide unique looks
    Multiple design options provide unique looks
  • Lifetime limited warranty
    Lifetime limited warranty

Product Features

See what makes our impact entry doors the perfect choice for your home.

  1. Severe weather glass available in both standard and decorative options.

  2. Durable, waterproof fiberglass skin won’t rot, warp, twist or bow like wood, and will not dent or rust like steel.

  1. omposite frame resists mold, mildew, water infiltration, and rot to ensure quality and durability.

  2. Heavy-duty stainless steel hinges resist rust and corrosion.

Find out what customers are saying about our unbeatable service and quality.

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I do not normally write reviews but this company rated a high quality evaluation. Please read the entire post in order to get the full impact of quality of workmanship and customer service that this company has provided. It is just a few weeks shy of 10 years since I had my windows installed with World of Windows. Approximately 2 months ago, I noticed the wallboard around one of my windows was damp and was need of repair. I figured it was just age and called in a local handy to fix it. He mentioned something about the installation but I was not paying a lot of attention I just needed it fixed. Approximately two weeks ago there was leakage around three more windows and here is where I starting to get concerned. I found my contract with World of Windows and I noted they had a lifetime guarantee. So, I called the company (expecting to get a run around about limitations and age) but I spoke with a wonderful person by the name of Erica. I explained my dilemma and she set up an appointment (within two days) for someone to come out and look at my windows and repair the problem. Again, let me stress that this is ten years after I had them installed. Not only that but this was not the original owner that I had contracted with in 2009. Apparently, the original owner (who had no customer service) sold his franchise in 2010 shortly after my windows were installed. Hence these new owners were not the original installers. Why is that important? It was important as the installation crew, who were very knowledgeable and professional, came out as scheduled and fixed my windows and were very pleasant to deal with. The installer mentioned something about the “J” channel and how it was not there. We had a rainstorm shortly thereafter and the repairs held up. Now you would think that this is the end of the story… it is not; a few days ago I received another call from Erica who stated that the Head installer (I believe his name is Igor) was extremely upset with the way my windows were installed and wanted to come back out and redo all of my windows to prevent any future damage. Today, he brought a full crew with him and they are in the process of redoing all of my windows. I was just floored that a company, who had not completed the original installation came out and are fixing all of my windows. I have never had this happen in my many years of dealing with companies. I cannot praise this company enough and the workmen ship is impeccable. Therefore, I go back to the beginning of this message and say that World of Windows is one of the best companies that I have every had the pleasure of dealing with. If you want High quality, excellent customer service and a company that truly cares about you then this is the company to go with…
- Ruth